How To Get The Best Personal Shave Tutorial. The beginners guide.

ImageIf you are like me before I found the answer, you are always asking yourself “how do those porn superstars get such smooth pubic areas?” and “how can I get super results like they do?”.

Hi, my name is Lexy and I put together this website. Why did I make this site? Because for the last 15 years, I have been using traditional methods for shaving my intimate areas. When I say traditional, I mean using the RAZOR! Yes, many of you probably dread even the thought of using a razor down there and I can’t blame you at all. But to my past partners and I, it was a greater sexual experience having no hair to hide the beauty of each others intimate areas. We kind of felt like porn superstars ourselves.

Of course I had to experience the razor burn, irritation and itching. That was until I bought the Body Bare® personal shaver for my now partner Jason and I. After just a week of using the Body Bare® and having porn superstar results without the razor aftermath, I decided to share my experience and knowledge to other fellow dare to be bare aficionados and create a website.

Body Bare® Personal Shaver VS The Other Methods

When Jason used the razor in the past to shave his testicles, pubic area and abdominal areas, he found within the next day or two he would start to experience bad razor burns and sometimes pimple like bumps also known as Folliculitis Barbae on his abdominal and pubic area. It was caused by wearing jeans all day which resulted in rubbing and irritating his shaved area. When you use a razor to shave, the razor actually pulls up each hair before it cuts it. Especially if you shaving against the grain to get a good clean shave. When each hair is pulled up, the razor can actually cut the skin because you are pulling the skin closer to the razor, thus leading to skin irritation. It does not matter what type of razor you use. We have used the cheap dollar store versions right up to the brand name five blade razor. They all do the same and even worse when the razor is worn a bit. Cooling aftershave creams can help the irritation but we never found one to illuminate it.